3 Of The Most Famous Biker Gangs

depositphotos_1938507_s-2015Who are the most famous biker gangs? There are many. Here are a few of them.

1. Outlaws- One of the oldest biker gangs in the world are the Outlaws, which was founded in 1935 in McCook, Illinois. There’s two criteria to join the Outlaws, with one being that you have to be a make and you have to own an American-made motorcycle that is of a certain size. As of now, there are around 2,000 members in the Outlaws and they have 48 chapters in 23 states.

2. The Hells Angles- Perhaps the most famous biker gang of all are the Hells Angels, which was founded in 1948, making them one of the oldest motorcycle gangs in the world. The gang was started in the state of California and today there are around 2,500 members. The gang has a ruthless reputation and are thought to be the most feared motorcycle gang in the world and they have strict membership requirements.

3. The Bandidos- This motorcycle gang is also one of the most famous and it was started by Don Chambers in 1966. There are over 4,000 members in the gang and they are spread out among 210 chapters in 22 countries. Chambers started the gang in Houston, Texas and he named it the Bandidos to honor the Mexican bandits who had their own rules they lived by. Chambers recruited members from local biker bars in Houston, as well as the areas of San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Galveston.

In the early 70’s, the Bandidos had over 100 members. Many of them were Vietnam War veterans. Also, the motorcycle club’s motto is “we’re the people your parents warned you about”.

Those are only a handful of motorcycle gangs, but they are the most famous. They are known around the world. Now you know who the most famous biker gangs are.

How Frequently Should You Get Your Honda Serviced?

You have made a smart choice buying a Honda. You know that the quality and engineering that go into this make of cars is one of the best. Keep your vehicle in the best shape possible by getting it maintained on a regular basis.

Proper maintenance and servicing will prolong the life of your vehicle. This is good for you so that you can be sure you are driving your car in the safest condition possible for the existence of the vehicle. It also helps to keep your Honda well maintained in case you ever want to sell it or trade it in. You will get much more for the vehicle with proper maintenance.

How often should you get the car serviced? The best thing to do is follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For Hondas, this means having the vehicle serviced at the 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000-mile marks.

Honda lists the service schedule in the manual that comes with your car. You can also check online with your dealer’s service to find out when it is recommended that you bring your car in.

If it takes you more than two years to hit the 30,000-mile mark, be sure to bring your car in for maintenance. Check with your dealer for more details about when to get the vehicle serviced if you notice that you are not hitting the suggested mileage readings within a reasonable time or several years.

Even though you may not put a lot of miles on the car, you will still want to have it looked at after time has passed. Your Honda dealer, for instance, will usually recommend you have the vehicle looked at after six years even if you have not reached the 90,000-mile mark. Keep your car maintained and enjoyed more out of it!

If you don’t want those hassle you can rely on lease.  Find best car for lease here- https://www.worldwideautomobile.com/car-lease-deals.

Why You Need a Licence to Work Behind a Bar in NY

Before you can serve alcoholic drinks or work behind a bar in the state of New York, you need to fulfill some requirements. To work as a bartender in the country, you need to be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you might be required to have a bar tending license as per the requirements of your employer.

At this point, it is worth noting that you are not legally required to have a bar tending license to work behind a bar in the state of New York. However, having one will give you the opportunity to reap the associated benefits.

Benefits Of Having A Bar Tending License

Having a bar license means that you have the proper knowledge and skills needed to prepare and serve a variety of drinks when you get a bar tending job. Before getting the license you will be trained on bartending school how to make and serve various drinks, this knowledge will come in handy when serving different customers in a bar situation.

Your training for a bar tending license may also include a course on alcohol awareness. Alcohol awareness just means that you can be able to track how much alcohol you have served individual customers. This plays a vital role in ensuring that you do not end up serving more alcohol to already intoxicated customers, putting them at risk.

Although New York state law does not compel aspiring bartenders to have the seek to license, the above benefits make a case for it. Bar managers usually prefer hiring trained, knowledgeable and experienced bartenders. This is for quality control and safety purposes.

During the training, you will be able to gain some experience in serving alcoholic drinks, making it easier for you to get a job afterward.

The Best Kept Secrets: Biker Bars

If you lBikers Bar and Club stampike hitting the open road on your Harley or other motorcycle, then you also enjoy the culture surrounding it. That includes stopping for a beer and maybe some snacks or a meal. Knowing how to find the best biker bars anywhere is a great way to have an idea where to stop on your rides, and possibly even plan a vacation around.

Talk to your fellow bikers. You probably already know a few other bikers around town and likely even ride with them, or just swap parts and help each other with your bikes. Ask them the best biker bar they ever went to and learn if it’s a place you should visit. If they really loved it, they might want to go back and take you along. Ride with other bikers and just see where they stop. Sometimes the best biker bars are the ones that are only known to a few and have yet to gain online or national attention. The people aren’t going there for the menu design
, but because it’s a local hole in the wall.

Visit the Internet. Searching for biker bars online is like searching for anything else. It’s easy enough to come up with a ton of listings and possibilities, but then you have to sift through them to see if they’re any good. Great biker bars are places where fellow enthusiasts congregate. On the other hand, some biker bars might not be welcoming environments for casual riders or anyone not in the hardcore crowd.

Talk to a travel agent. While some biker bars are going to be exclusively patroned by a lone biker gang, others are actually famous landmarks all their own and filled with tourists.

To The Rescue

Has anyone been here since? This was my favorite episode of Bar Rescue. I really want to own a biker bar some day and I think their suggestions are spot on.