Should You Consider a Roommate of the Opposite Gender?

Are you having a difficult time searching for a roommate in NYC because you narrow down your choices to the same gender in online roommate finder website? Countless others face the same problem. For many, the solution is simple: Consider a roommate of the opposite sex. This may be something you haven’t thought of before, but it’s well worth a shot. It can prove much better than you think, so long as you make certain things clear before living together. Keep reading to learn some tips when considering a roommate of the opposite gender.

The first thing you need to do is to make some rules. Sure, this might seem restrictive to some people, but it’s particularly important when living with a stranger of the opposite sex. The rules must include what things are allowed inside the apartment. Make everything clear. If you don’t want the person to smoke, tell him or her upfront. The same goes for inviting guests. It’s important to find a compromise so you can live harmoniously.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to live with someone you’re attracted to. The feelings might only get stronger, and you might end up getting hurt or depressed if the other person doesn’t have the same feelings. You may also want to tell your future roommate about your relationship status. If you have no plans of entering a relationship, then just say it right away. You two will only be roommates—no more, no less.

It can be pretty odd to live with someone of the opposite gender. Surely, it will be awkward at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly realize that there’s nothing to worry about. You might enjoy the fact that you get to talk to someone about things you don’t typically discuss with your friends.