Things To Know While Setting Up Ad Campaigns on Facebook

Thinking about putting together robust ad campaigns on Facebook and want to get it spot on?

Well, you’ll need to know what to do, or you are the one who is going to falter.

Here are the things to know while you are setting these campaigns up on your own.

Measure Results

Always measure results, and it is easy to do this because Facebook does help you keep track. They give you a pixel that can be inserted on the other side of the link you’re sending through. Don’t fail to use this because the pixel does help in figuring things out.

Build Structured Ads

You always want to have a structure to the ads that are being created.

This means you want to have campaigns, which are divided into ad sets ( a bunch of ads combined under one objective) and then specific ads.

It is the only way to get things spot on and not get confused along the way.


Divide By Objective

What is the aim of each ad? You will want to think about this as you break things down or it will never work out the way you want it to.

This can be a concern for those who are setting up ads for the first time.

You want to know what each ad is going to do.

For example, one ad set might be looking to draw in new leads while another might be looking for immediate sales. This will help with the settings you choose during the ad creation process.

Facebook is great because it has so many options and you’ll be able to customize the campaign down to the last detail with social media scheduling tools. This can help those who are selective or might not want to make mistakes along the way.